Tuesday, June 9, 2009

only 58 hours left

I have 47 hours left in Scandinavia. That's officially less than two days.

This morning I went through my bags and relieved them of even more items again.
At this point in time I'm trying to find ways to lighten my bags, so my planned travel outfit is:
Jeans, cami, button down, vest, scarf, heaviest winter coat, rain boots, and anything else that I can attach to my personage.
I love the fact that I'll arrive in Raleigh in rainboots and a heavy winter coat.

I have to keep my carry on to under 8 kg. So, that means that I'll have a bit of space in there and once that mess is weighed and I'm through security, off goes the winter coat and in go the rain boots.
I hope.

I'm wondering if I'll sleep on the plane. I would like to, just so I wouldn't have so much jetlag, but I've been resting at Emma and Dave's house (where I'm staying) so much that I think I might not be able to.

Had another dream last night. This one was much more disappointing.
In my dream, I arrived at the airport and was so excited to see my mom, but she kind of just helped with the bags and we didn't speak on the ride home and then when we got home Simon was excited to see me for about 20 seconds until he realized I didn't have food for him and then he ignored me and I had to ask my mom about dinner and she pulled some hamburgers from the fridge and said "Here. Here are the hamburgers you wanted." then my mom (who was wearing a monk robe) took my guitar (it was missing a few strings and looked pretty beat up) and handed it to my sister and told her that she was late for her lessons and Kayla took the guitar and left and I was so furious that my beautiful guitar was so messed up that I walked away and kept walking until I was in England, in a deserted parking lot at a fairgrounds and it was raining and nighttime and a Royal Guard gave me directions but then a gang of kids came up on me and were going to attack but then I woke up.

I'm glad that's not the reality I'm expecting, haha.

Off to work on my secret project now...


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