Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Today was kind of epic. At around 1:45, Marine and I arrived at University Island (another student accommodation). We walked to the beach with Oliver and Gordon and bore witness to way too many old ladies tanning without their tops. Seriously. Ew.

We then walking into the Baltic Sea. It was unlike any other beach I've been to, but I would most compare it to the beach at Jordan Lake. There was a ton of seaweed stuff and the rocks were abundant. However, while it was technically salty, it was fresh enough to open your eyes underwater, which I (naturally) did. Did I mention it was cold? Oh yeah. It was cold.
And we were in some warmer waters, because it was so shallow. We walked to the end of a pier's distance and I could still barely touch. Marine and I swam to the pier and walked back on it because she hates seaweed and my feet hurt from all the rocks.

It was so great.

And then the wind, which was crazy again today, blew us dry.

On the way back, we stopped by the casino at a hamburger stand and Marine and I purchased burgers. Perfect way to make up for all the energy we had spent in the sea. Then I fell asleep for three hours and had a horrible dream and just recently awoke to the thunderstorm that's happening right now.

I'm loving the sounds of the storm, but I'm afraid we'll go back to the nasty weather we experienced last week with semi-continual storms.

Anyway, we are hoping to go back to the harbor sometime soon and go swimming again. The difference there is that the water is deep enough to just jump into (of course, with it being a harbor an all), while at the beach you have to wade in. I prefer jumping in directly when it's cold water.

Well, I had a fun lazy day. I hope you did, too.


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Jordan Elizabeth said...

We'll have to go swimming in pleasantly warmish water when you are back on this side of the Atlantic.

Beach? Pool?? Lots of coffee!!