Monday, May 25, 2009

bullet points, more like

My parents have twitter. That greatly amuses me. And to think, when I was in middle school I was allowed online before dinner because we had dial-up and it would keep the telemarketers from interrupting cooking time.

Tomorrow I am going swimming in the ocean with Oliver and Marine. We are trying to get more people to go with us, but we doubt anyone will, because it's sooooo cold!

Today we had a seminar on leaving Sweden and re-entry to our home countries. About 12 hours before the seminar, when I was going to bed, I realized that I'm absolutely not ready to leave.
Also, I ate some kind of salmon sandwich today - be proud, parents, we can go out to Kemp's or some place when I get home to celebrate my new found toleration of seafood.
And I won a tote bag that reminds me of the bags my dad brings home from trade shows.

Fed the birds at the park at 2 am. I'm going to miss that. Was almost attacked by a mother goose while standing at the park this evening. Not going to miss that.

I might go to Stockholm...? It depends on if Ximena is interested in going on the same days as me. That would mean that I don't need to find accommodation (except in Stockholm) for the few nights after I move out.

I'm very tired and it's almost midnight, so I'm out.

Last chance to send letters, I guess. Since I'll need to receive them before the 6th of June and it takes a week.


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Shelley Renee said...

I'm happy about your new found love of seafood!

And please don't die in the ocean. Our child would miss you.