Friday, May 29, 2009

crazy day and many more to come

Today was awesome.

It started off (technically) at midnight (duh) with us (me, Oliver and Thomas) moseying over to the student pub. Sadly, they were closing at 1, and we arrived at 12:30, so we couldn't stay long, but we did get free admission.

I ended up hanging out with Oliver until 4 (when I had snacked and talked off the alcohol) and then I biked home. I slept from 4:30 until 9:00 and then got up and got ready for the day. By 1, Marsha and I were on a train to ROSKILDE. I've decided that Roskilde is one of my favorite places in the world. It's so quaint and they have this amazing Mexican restaurant. We visited the tombs of the kings and queens of Denmark, which is in a cathedral and managed to get a guy to follow us (he worked there and decided to go wherever we went). I have a ton of pictures from there. Then we went to the town hall where my parents were married. They didn't let anyone upstairs except by appointment, but I just removed the "visitors forbidden" sign and we walked upstairs. It was weird, seeing a place that has (I guess) had such an impact on my life.
Then Marsha and I were having a bathroom crisis and couldn't find the mysterious public toilet that everyone was talking about, but we came across a hotel that I think my parents might have stayed at (the lady inside said it was over 300 years old) and we asked to see the honeymoon suite. There were two bathrooms. Lucky day.
Then we went to a Mexican restaurant called [something... maybe Los] Gringo's. It was the best Latin American food I've tasted, this side of the Atlantic. The waitress was super friendly, too. Very Danish.
After that we went to Copenhagen and hung out in Christiania for a while. Then I came back to our beloved city of Malmö and went to University Island for jello night. Everyone was busy, so I hung out with Gordon for a little while and ate my ham and gouda sandwich that I made (love sliced gouda with deli cut ham and good bread - it's the only ham & cheese I'll eat). Then we were playing hearts with Natalia and Sam, but Natalia's friend arrived from Poland so Pets played for her.
Long story short, we ate jello, burned a watermelon, and played cards until 2:30 in the morning. Which brings me to now. I'm home and hour and a half earlier than last night and I have so much more to do in the morning.

First, I must pay my rent for the next week (so stupid). Then I have to see if Louise's camera is ready to be picked up. Then I'm meeting Marsha and Suvi and we're going to harbor for a swim. After that I'll try to catch a nap or something, because later I'm probably going to the student pub with University Islanders (it's their last night, so the drinks will be cheap) and then out to a club somewhere, as our last real weekend in Sweden together.
Then Saturday will be crazy with laundry, packing, and cleaning. And then flying to KRAKOW, POLAND!
I'm jealous of myself. I can't believe that my last two weeks in Sweden (and Poland) are so busy.

I'm loving every moment of it.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Today was kind of epic. At around 1:45, Marine and I arrived at University Island (another student accommodation). We walked to the beach with Oliver and Gordon and bore witness to way too many old ladies tanning without their tops. Seriously. Ew.

We then walking into the Baltic Sea. It was unlike any other beach I've been to, but I would most compare it to the beach at Jordan Lake. There was a ton of seaweed stuff and the rocks were abundant. However, while it was technically salty, it was fresh enough to open your eyes underwater, which I (naturally) did. Did I mention it was cold? Oh yeah. It was cold.
And we were in some warmer waters, because it was so shallow. We walked to the end of a pier's distance and I could still barely touch. Marine and I swam to the pier and walked back on it because she hates seaweed and my feet hurt from all the rocks.

It was so great.

And then the wind, which was crazy again today, blew us dry.

On the way back, we stopped by the casino at a hamburger stand and Marine and I purchased burgers. Perfect way to make up for all the energy we had spent in the sea. Then I fell asleep for three hours and had a horrible dream and just recently awoke to the thunderstorm that's happening right now.

I'm loving the sounds of the storm, but I'm afraid we'll go back to the nasty weather we experienced last week with semi-continual storms.

Anyway, we are hoping to go back to the harbor sometime soon and go swimming again. The difference there is that the water is deep enough to just jump into (of course, with it being a harbor an all), while at the beach you have to wade in. I prefer jumping in directly when it's cold water.

Well, I had a fun lazy day. I hope you did, too.


Monday, May 25, 2009

bullet points, more like

My parents have twitter. That greatly amuses me. And to think, when I was in middle school I was allowed online before dinner because we had dial-up and it would keep the telemarketers from interrupting cooking time.

Tomorrow I am going swimming in the ocean with Oliver and Marine. We are trying to get more people to go with us, but we doubt anyone will, because it's sooooo cold!

Today we had a seminar on leaving Sweden and re-entry to our home countries. About 12 hours before the seminar, when I was going to bed, I realized that I'm absolutely not ready to leave.
Also, I ate some kind of salmon sandwich today - be proud, parents, we can go out to Kemp's or some place when I get home to celebrate my new found toleration of seafood.
And I won a tote bag that reminds me of the bags my dad brings home from trade shows.

Fed the birds at the park at 2 am. I'm going to miss that. Was almost attacked by a mother goose while standing at the park this evening. Not going to miss that.

I might go to Stockholm...? It depends on if Ximena is interested in going on the same days as me. That would mean that I don't need to find accommodation (except in Stockholm) for the few nights after I move out.

I'm very tired and it's almost midnight, so I'm out.

Last chance to send letters, I guess. Since I'll need to receive them before the 6th of June and it takes a week.


Friday, May 22, 2009


Do you have a twitter? Follow me at

Now I sound like an official gossip blogger.

I've decided I'm kind of glad that I'm not in NC for the hockey season. Let's just say the last hockey game I went to in Raleigh, I wore black and gold.

In other news, I washed all my dishes tonight. I'm going to put all of my laundry away tomorrow and clean, clean, clean!
Maybe I'll go read a few chapters of a book (either The Princess Bride or The Chamber, which I bought, in English, for less than 50 cents at a second hand store). Louise has been sunburned the past few days, being a redhead and all. Having spent some time in the sun myself, I have yet to show any signs of pigment change. Guess I'll have to wait until I'm back in the States before I get a tan.

Today we booked the hostel for Cracow, Poland. Three nights in Poland, here I come ... at the end of the month. I also booked my buses, ferries, and hostel for Gotland. Ready for that relaxing vacation time.

Basically, this is how June is looking for me... I am in Poland from May 30th to June 2nd. Then June 4th I leave for Gotland and get home on the 6th. On the 7th or 8th I have my room inspection and have to leave. So... that means that from the 8th until the 11th I'm officially homeless. Fortunately, that's only 3 nights of finding some place to sleep. I'm hoping on staying with friends, but in the worse case scenario, I'll stay at a cheap hostel in the city.

Once Marsha gets back from her European continent trip, we're going to Denmark for a day and I'm going to visit Roskilde and see where my parents were married!!! Then we'll probably chillax in Copenhagen in the afternoon.

So, I'm keeping busy. I guess this is my last full weekend in my beloved city, since I'll either be in Poland or Gotland for the others. Oh well.

I should go to bed now, since I have laundry at 9:00.

Again, if you have twitter, follow me. And if you don't... then... add me on skype.

((20 days))

Thursday, May 14, 2009

eternally amazed by the sun

When I awoke to sounds of someone using a wood chopper outside of my window at 7 am the other morning, I was certain that I must have slept in until noon, because it was sooo bright outside.

Today, our play ended and the sun had not started to set. That was at 9. At a quarter til 10, I made this video.

oh, and the show went fine. we kind of need more audience members.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Palin hair... or like Marie Antoinette (according to Marine)

To my credit, my hair was even bigger and my stage make-up more drastic when I went out in public after rehearsal. The elements (especially wind) made them a little less "lady of the night"ish. People in Sweden - please make it worth the stares in public and come see the show!!!
For guaranteed seats, book tickets at 0762279579 or through me!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

fire at will

Have you ever noticed that in movies when someone says "fire at will" the person firing seems to will very much to fire often?

I have only one more month here and in that time I have so much to do. Our play premiers in one week and runs through the 16th. I'm hoping it will be successful. I'm going to Poland with Marsha and Louise (and maybe some other people) at the end of the month. I want to go to Gotland, too. Gotland is an island off the coast of Sweden (near Stockholm) and it's supposed to be beautiful.

Basically life has been all about some rehearsals lately, which is fine, as it keeps me on a schedule. Tomorrow I am going to see Seven Jewish Children (another play) again and then look for shoes before rehearsal, when we'll be setting up lights and everything.

Today I had fika with Marsha and Shana from the play once rehearsal was done. We went to Wayne's Coffee and I had the best scone in the world with cream cheese and jam.

Well, right now we're just staying up until 3:30 when Shatarra's cab comes to pick her up and take her to Central Station. Then she's going back to Fayetteville and I'll be the last American. So sad.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I'm hanging out with the Mexicans and they don't seem to care about the holiday much (although it's technically the 6th here, as it's after 2 in the morning).

Good night & peace!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

almost 6 minutes of me rambling

This is what happens when you don't leave comments (except for 2 or 3 people).

Oh, and I didn't mention that I'm super excited to be going to Poland at the end of the month. Marsha and I booked our flights yesterday and we're not sure of who else will be going. Butttttt --- the total cost for the round trip flight from the airport in our city to Cracow was *drumroll* 20 euros. That's pretty much amazing.

And that's all for now, since it's so late.