Thursday, April 2, 2009

What krysta means...

Hellooooo Swedish people?!?!?

How am I going to be in my 4th month of living in a country before someone tells me that my name is actually a word in Swedish???

This is what "krysta" means, as explained to me by the cast of Getting Out.
"It's like when you are having a baby and what the doctor is telling you to do. Not just a regular 'push' but a really hard one. When you're pushing something from a smaller space to a larger one."
"Yeah, or if you are trying to make a joke and make it fit to a context that it doesn't really go with you would 'krysta' that joke, but it doesn't quite go. So, in that case, you're taking something from a really large space and trying to push it all into a very small space."

After hearing this, I did a little research of my own...
synonyms for my name are: pressa fram, trycka, anstränga sig, stånka
which translates to: squeeze, press, effort, pant

The verb forms of krysta are: krystande (present participle), krystad (perfect participle), and krystat (supine... which is when you add an auxiliary verb to to produce some compound verb form, like ska krysta -- will push). There are 50 (and I counted) different forms of krysta depending on what tense and who the verb is referring to.

Anyway, that was my fun fact of the day and that explains to me why Swedish people have no problem with spelling my name. Congrats parents - you always claimed to have used the "European spelling" with the K and the Y and you got it right.
Knowing that my name is also a Swedish word makes it a whole lot easier to introduce myself to Swedes. I can say "My name is Krysta, like you'd do if you're having a baby."
And that's just hilarious.

I would also like to take a line or two in this entry to wish my dad a happy *mumbles some number* birthday!! (Even though I was the first to tell him, since I went on Swedish time.)

That's about all for now.


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