Saturday, April 11, 2009

last day

Today we're eventually headed to Copenhagen. The girls are up late again today and then they got upset that they slept in (which I think is a little ironic, since they both woke up when the alarm went off and had a discussion about it before going back to sleep).
They're packing now and then we'll be off.

What we do in Copenhagen is up to them, since there have been differences of opinion thus far. See, I was under the impression that they were old enough to decide what they want to do and they were under the impression that I was responsible for them. When they made me responsible for them, I took charge in the typical "type A" way and that upset them because I was trying to control them. But when I told them they were on their own, they got upset and told me I was going to get in trouble; apparently all this was because "no one speaks English" and everything was so confusing, even after 4 days.

Since it causes problems if I'm in charge or if I let them do stuff on their own, I'm letting them be 100% in charge of the day. I've written a currency conversion chart, so they can figure out how much everything costs and I've booked a hotel for us to stay at tonight.

Time to take out the trash and then head out.

Oh, and my bike was stolen, which is just ... great.


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Tom said...

Hey Krysta,
Sorry your bike was stolen! Sounds like we had similar experiences about what to expect while traveling. Your Dad did not have an agenda nor did I (b/c of his work schedule). I left my laptop at home and was frustrated that I could not do somethings I had hoped to. The computer in Seattle is marginal & I don't have my passwords. We are finding a middle ground and making the best of the situation. Ate at Maximilliam (sp)w/A. Kim and later on Kells w/Daddy! Love you - Mom