Sunday, April 5, 2009

however you'd like it

Good weekend here, for the most part. I realized exactly how I miss just hanging out and remembered why I like hanging out with guys more than girls (in general- I love hanging out with my female friends, but the dynamic with guys is much more chillax). I really miss Marine and Kendra and everyone else who is gone (including those visiting Stockholm). A shout-out to Derek for keeping me somewhat up to date on the gossip at work *cough*Elizabeth*cough*.
Kayla and Mere are going to arrive tomorrow afternoon (as you can see, I spend an awfully long time in the video trying to count the hours) and I am super excited. They will be on a plane in 4 hours and we're still facebooking about last minute things. I still can't believe that the highly anticipated visit is less than 24 hours away. You get the picture.
I really don't know what I'm going to do the week after the girls leave while Marine and Co. are still gone.

Notice, also, in the video that it's after 8pm and that's the sunset outside. For the time being, I'm choosing to enjoy the later sunsets (they help me feel not as bad about how late I sleep in).

In other news, I was told last night that the way my brain works is that "you put 5 spiders in a room and they start making their strings across the room and you never know where the next string will be" which actually kind of makes sense to me.

Time to clean... or something.

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Anonymous said...

I really like your vlog and blog. They videos made me laugh, so keep putting them up when you can :) Have fun with your sister and friend! Miss you.