Friday, April 10, 2009

flan's biggest fans

Tonight we had our "family dinner" with Las Almejas (aka Nerea and Cristina). Nerea's mom and cousin were visiting from Spain and Fabio's brother and sister and parents had just arrived in Sweden, too. Cristina and Dan came to dinner and I brought Kayla, Meredith, mild wings, and mashed potatoes that Mere helped make.

Dear Cindy Barkley,
You should be very proud of your daughter for eating 90% of her flan. She really doesn't like this food, she was already full from dinner, and they gave her a large portion. Yet she ate most of it and appeared to enjoy it.

Side note: Kayla did not appear to eat her flan. This, however, was not the case because when Meredith dropped what was left of her flan on Kayla's plate, it expanded and replaced the eaten part of her food.

One thing that I must say is that the girls haven't been hungry at all since they arrived. I'm always the one saying "ok, just let me know when you're hungry" which means "I'm hungry, let me know when we can eat or I am going to start getting snacks along the way". After tonight, I doubt they will ever need to eat again - they are so full on mashed potatoes, wings, couscous, tortilla de patatas, rolls, and all other sorts of yummy foods.

Kayla is complaining now again, so I have to go write her complaint down to file it in the box (a new system I have for dealing with how awful and lonely Sweden apparently is).


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