Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"delightful" is the word of the week...?

The girls arrived safely yesterday (for any of you who were wondering) and we kept things rather low key. They're obsessed with being online to talk with their friends and boyfriends and seem to be under the impression that my room's only function is for internet, sleeping, and getting ready.
This is partly true, but the sleep thing seems to be lost on them.
We went to bed at 11 last night and woke up at 3 to watch the NCAA Men's basketball game and my school won!!! We were the preseason pick to win and we pulled it off -- officially number one in the nation in college basketball.
I have a friend or two reminding me (in a not so pleasant way) that I "missed out" on the experience. My only kind response to that is: yes, I did not get to rush Franklin St. or attend the game or watch it on a big screen with a bunch of friends, but I wouldn't trade these six months for that one night. Yes, it's a big deal to all of us Carolina students, but in 10 years I think this trip will have a longer lasting memory than that one game, or even the entire season.
I can't spend my time here wishing I was somewhere else, that would be such a waste.

Something that I'm proud of - yesterday, we went to the grocery store and Meredith and Kayla bought some of the food and then I bought some. The lady spoke in all English to them and had me translate some and then when it was my turn (and she had heard us speaking English) she spoke only in Swedish to me and we had a little conversation. That was pretty cool.

Today was much more full of adventure. We slept in because the girls were jetlagged and then started walking. We ended up at a mall and Kayla probably found her prom dress. Then we ate at China Box. After that we went to Entre (an even bigger mall) and spent most of our time there at H&M. The girls seemed happy with their purchases. Somehow we ended up in the Jamaican girls' room and then went home and made pizza for dinner.

Now the girls are goofing off and will probably be going to sleep soon. We plan on going to Lund tomorrow maybe, but I really want them to get a chance to meet more exchange students. I think we'll probably attend a superhero theme party this Friday for a hot minute, but what to wear? As of now, we are thinking of checking out some consignment stores for potential costumes, as that would be the cheapest option.

It's time for me to go now, but I'll try to keep this updated, for those of you who are missing the girls.


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I don't understand how you felt that 'you missed out' was written in a not so pleasant way? And then proceeded to think that I was implying winning a national championship to being greater than your study abroad experience. I wrote that statement purely out of excitement and genuinely wished you were here to experience it with us. It was as simple as that.