Friday, April 24, 2009

crunch time

Well, I'm back for one post now. Due to lack of comments, I've taken to writing in a journal instead of writing here. And don't say that you didn't comment on the last post because it was all movies, which meant I spent basically no effort on it - I had already given up hope on comments by then. (Hopefully my guilt trip has already begun working and you're just itching to leave me a comment.)

A few things...

Yesterday I had the pleasure of telling someone, "Go Heels!" and they actually knew what I meant. Marsha and I were walking back to her apartment after rehearsal and there was a small marching band ensemble outside. One guy looked like he was wearing a windbreaker that had the State "S" on the back - and he did! So I walked right up to him and said "Go Heels!" and he said "huh?" and I repeated myself and then we had a little debate on whose school was better (he said that he had attended school there) and it ended with me telling him that it was ok, because at least he didn't go to Dook and him telling me to close the door behind me fast, or else.
Marsha seemed to think it was weird.

The weather here is vastly improved. I caught the "just after midnight" bus back from Marsha's last night and didn't even need gloves when I was at the bus stop. The sun keeps setting later and later - by the time I leave it's supposed to be rising at 4:30 and setting at 9:50. That should be interesting.

Also, the play seems to have a glimmer of hope, if we can get our acts together (pun kind of intended). I need to work on my lines in the very last scene, which we did for the first time yesterday, and then focus on not getting upset with our "weakest links".

Pretty much everyone has gone on a cruise to Norway this weekend, but due to financial reasons I stayed in Sweden so I'm left behind with a few stragglers who aren't going. Kendra and I were going to try to visit Swedish stonehenge (Ales Stenar), but the buses don't run to the town it's in on weekends. Furthermore, this is Kendra's last weekend before she goes back to the States and graduates from college (congrats!).

I have less than 50 days left until I go back "home".... I don't want to leave. I would be perfectly fine spending the summer here, but that's not happening. I really think that this place makes a great "third home" for me - first home is where I grew up, second home is Chapel Hill, and this is third home. I'm glad that I can call this place home. I really felt it like that after the girls left and I was on my way back from Denmark - I was just so glad to be going "home" and being able to sleep in my own bed again (instead of a hotel floor).
Another reason why I don't want to go back is because everyone else has had their own life while I've been gone and only a few people have actually kept in touch with me on a regular basis. Don't get me wrong - I'm really excited to see my friends again and all the people I've missed, but the seniors will have graduated and Carolina friends will be back in their hometowns or busy with summer school or opportunities elsewhere, so those dynamics will end up being the same as if I had just stayed here.
Once I am home, I'm sure I'll be ready to pick up my instruments and refresh myself on how to play those, see if driving my car will be a challenge since I haven't driven anything, let alone a stick shift, in months, and try to adapt to the summer heat again (when I leave here, our daily highs might reach the mid 70s). I bought a swimsuit (much cheaper moneywise - not qualitywise - here than in the US) a few days ago, and I'm looking forward to wearing it (as much as anyone can look forward to seeing themselves in a swimsuit) so let me know if you want to go to the pool or beach once I'm back!

Got to go finish my laundry now...


Daniela said...

i want you to come back.
and we're still going to the beach, right?

krysta said...


Shelley Renee said...

Darling, I commented on your video post.

When I was in France over the summer the sun set at like 10:30 and it was SO strange. Because our teacher would be like, "it's time to go back to the hotel!" and we would say,"but the sun just went down like 10 minutes ago." It was the weirdest thing ever.

krysta said...

i know. you two get free passes because you've managed to stay in touch via comments, skype, and facebook.

everyone else fails.

Jordan Elizabeth said...

i can't wait until you come home!
it's really weird not being able to just call you. i've hit your speed dial a few times, only to quickly hang up at my stupidity.

anyway, i need to learn about this skype thing because it confuses the heck out of me. help!

p.s. i suck at skype...and at leaving comments ;)

ems4fun said...

I will take you to the beach whe you get home. I just got my schedule fixed for the summer!!! I work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 7a - 7p and have off every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So when you get home, I'll be ready to go...