Sunday, April 12, 2009

back to life as it was (plus more walking)

Yesterday was Copenhagen - we took a canal tour and got several good pictures of the city, a few death glares from this little girl, and pretty cold. Dinner was at The Hard Rock Cafe, since we had never been to one outside of the States. The girls left just after 5 this morning and at 8:03, I was on a train back to Sweden.
I slept a little more, watch Hitchcock's The Birds (horrible idea btw, since there are millions of birds here), got ready and went to mass with Kendra and Shatarra. It was the first time that I've attended a Catholic service in recent years (sans a funeral) and it was very different than what I'm used to for church. But the service was in English which beats not being able to understand. There aren't any United Methodist churches here and I don't know of any other services in English. The homily was very interesting though - at some parts he went on about how we need to come to mass and confession but the majority of it seemed strikingly familiar. It was based off of this (click the link) and was followed by "when you feel the wind blow across your forehead, it is like God kissing you reminding you that you have fallen astray from the path and need to come back to him." Then he told a story that started off "There were two soldiers in a hospital room with one window. One was sitting next to the window and the other was laying in a bed and could not see anything from the window." The messages seemed very much like the bombardments of email forwards that one receives on a regular basis. The sources were quoted as having been read from "somewhere" if that helps.
In any case, Kendra, Shatarra, and I ended up chatting in the stairwell for a while once we returned home and then my parents called me. We talked on Skype for over an hour and it was good to catch up with them. My mom is on vacation in Seattle, visiting my dad, and they seem to be having a good time, even though the weather isn't the best.

As for the weather here, it's been delightful. I am absolutely loving springtime and can't wait until I can ditch the jacket altogether.

Well, I'm jonesing for some chocolate, so I'm off...


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Shelley Renee said...

Don't ever watch The Birds. That's a crazy idea.