Monday, April 13, 2009

back on the train again, back on the chain gang

I never knew poptarts could taste so good. Today I grabbed one on my way out the door and ate it at rehearsal. Very, very tasty.

I've decided that the thing (note: thing, not person, etc.) that I miss most about home is my guitar. While I miss being able to play it often and I'm looking forward to play it again, I'm not looking forward to the pain of having soft fingertips. Yup, I said it.

Tomorrow is supposed to be in the low 60s, so Marsha and I are thinking about having a picnic to celebrate the overwhelming warmth (yes, my idea of warmth has changed). I have some moldy bread to feed to the seagulls and other birds, although I'm still iffy on them since watching The Birds (see previous post).
I'm excited about the temperature change that comes with the change in seasons. However, I'm wondering if North Carolina will feel too hot and humid when I return. The best way to deal with that is, I guess, riding around in my car with the top down.

I had a very vivid dream last night about finding my bike. I am very sorry about the loss of Bambi's Mom. I guess she really was like Bambi's mom... she abandoned me when I needed her the most and I thought I could rely on her, but no... someone had to come and take that security away from me.
Enough pity party business. At least it's getting warmer and walking everywhere won't be so chilling. I don't want to jinx myself, but considering the weather here and all the germs that I had never before encountered, I've managed to stay rather healthy. My longest bout of illness was a 24 bug way back in January and that wasn't bad enough to phone home (I like to call my mom when I'm sick because she's able to offer advice and motherly support).

In recent news, facebook has been bothering me. Well, not facebook, exactly. More like what people want to post on their status updates. Seriously, I did not realize that I was fb friends with so many middle schoolers (and I use this as an exaggeration). Also, I've realized that an alarming number of my classmates from Fuquay Middle are still friends with each other. I guess this is to be expected, as they all live in the same area, but even in college... I can click on one person's pictures and recognize 90% of the people and I haven't even seen many of them in over 5 years.

I think that's about all from me for now. We had a dramatic rehearsal (no pun intended... well, a bit of a pun intended) this afternoon and I'm determined to know all of my lines by next Monday and be really familiar with them by our rehearsals later this week.

Got stuff to do.


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Shelley Renee said...

I'm glad that you're getting some new and nicer weather! Oh and sorry about your bike, it's probably karma for abandoning our child.