Sunday, March 1, 2009

why is this show so addictive?

While I'm waiting for an episode of Lost to load, I'll fill you in on my lame weekend and recent thoughts.

Friday I finally got down to the supermarket to pick up my second package from home after I paid next month's rent. (Remember, there are no real post offices, just places to send and receive packages in other buildings.) At the same time I sent home an envelope containing a few postcards, which my parents can send to people. The cost of that envelope to go home was less than half of what individually sending each post card would have been. I included a few tasty (and not so much) treats for my sister.
So now I have my Jif peanut butter as well as a few Tootsie Pops and a package of after dinner mints.

I've been telling some of my friends that my "sisters" (we'll refer to Meredith as a sister in this blog, since she basically is one) are visiting next month and everyone is very excited. I have started a mini-care package list, which includes goodies from America. Hopefully Kayla will be able to bring ingredients for Smores, grape jelly, Quaker grits for Shatarra, and a few other things. Don't worry Meimei, it won't be too much stuff and our parents will help you put it together!

From what I gather from facebook statuses, State, Meredith, Campbell and some other schools are having their Spring Breaks this week. I guess that means Carolina's break will be soon. And I've seen that NC could be getting a decent amount of snow tonight. Weird. Either I'm adjusting really well, or I have not adjusted to the weather at all here and that's why it's feeling so much warmer, but hey- I'm not complaining. Shatarra was wearing capris with her boots the other day and I went outside with a jack, dress, stockings and flats. Today I even ventured to Burger King with Marine for milkshakes (which they didn't have) without gloves on. After class/author presentations on Thursday, Marsha and I sat outside for almost two hours eating lunch because there were no indoor seats. WHAT?! Our fingers were frozen, but we sat there talking until a crazy started feeding the pigeons near us.

I miss my guitar more than anything right now. I'm so worried that when I get home, I'll pick it up and it will be like I never learned. And I have to go through the whole process where my fingertips hurt like the dickens for a few weeks, since they are all soft and mess again.

Friday was a joint birthday party for a few girls in Celsius. I went, to say goodbye to the American girls, since they were leaving at 7 the next morning. If they hadn't been there, I doubt I would have stayed. I did learn some interesting information about a few people while I was there, so I guess it wasn't a total waste of time.
Saturday was about equally productive. Louise cooked stirfry for Marine and I, which was delicious and then we all went to a "party" at University Island. It was a lame party (not gonna lie) but I had fun chatting with people and trying to dance tectonics with Marine.
Don't worry, people at home, I do more than just go to class and parties. I just don't think that many of my other stories are worth listening to right now. For instance, no one wants to hear that today I cleaned all my dishes and listened to music and watched Dane Cook videos and studied and wrote a poem and cut my hair or whatever I did.
I am, however, biking a lot more. It's almost 2.5 miles to get to University Island, so I biked around 5 miles yesterday. I hate biking. I'm pretty sure I'm the slowest cyclist in the southern part of Sweden. Ok, I don't hate biking. I hate biking with other people, because I like to go at a pace where I'm not sweating or red-faced or short of breath. Cycling should be pleasant. It's something you do in the summer when you're meeting friends at the park for a picnic or you want to get an iced drink from Java Divine but don't want to waste time walking or waste gas driving.

Speaking of summertime... in a conversation that I was having with my mom this evening, she informed me that we will probably not be doing family vacations anymore. This will be the 3rd summer without a family vacation, meaning that since I graduated from high school, the only family trips we've taken have been for weddings, funerals, and Thanksgiving (which is never a "vacation"). This means no Ocracoke. This means no sitting on the beach all day, no eating hamburgers and hotdogs from a charcoal grill at sunset, no walking to the harbor to watch the Fourth of July fireworks show. That's fine and all, since I can always go to the beach with my friends or sister. But what I don't think my family realizes is that I am counting down the summers that we still have together- cause I don't know if next summer I'll have an internship or live in Chapel Hill, like I did last summer. I don't know if I'll even stay in North Carolina once I graduate. It's not that I want those lazy days down by the ocean- I can get those anyway. It's that I'd like to have the memories, for the days that are quickly approaching when "family" becomes just me and they all become "extended family."

Anyway, that's pretty much all that's on my mind right now- Lost is almost done loading, so I'll go watch that now. More later, I'm sure.



Shelley Renee said...

Don't do too much tectonics. You'll hurt yourself.

krysta said...

i know right! it looks so funny and painful at the same time!