Thursday, March 12, 2009

while my toes thaw...

I would like to thank for getting the forecast correct today when they predicted partly cloudy. And by party cloudy they meant blinding snow.

They've changed their forecast now to predict light snow. I wouldn't really call it a forecast, as they changed it in hindsight. And it really is a "light snow" (as in it's sticking, but hasn't accumulated much). Regardless, I would hate to be out there on a bike in that. Oh wait.
I just was.
Yes, it was cold and I was dripping when I got inside. Not a huge problem- I took those wet clothes and replaced them with dry ones. It's really about my eyes. When my eyes are watering because giant snowflake monsters are attacking them with each inch gained, it's no longer fun times.

But I'm inside now. Safe, dry(ing), and warm(ing up) for the night.

Oh, and the Americans (joined by Louise) went to China Box at Gustav Adolfs Torg tonight. It was good. Marine's phone went straight to voicemail, so she's currently MIA which gives me a mystery to solve, once I am fully recovered.



Shelley Renee said...

I'm sorry you had to thaw.

Maybe you should have picked Australia.

Jordan Elizabeth said...

i hope you thawed out completely! i got your postcard. i love it! thank you so so much.

hopefully italy and switzerland will be warmer in may/june that sweden is right now. ;)