Sunday, March 22, 2009

swedes are sweet, in any case

Let's see... what has gone on in the past 48 hours? (Thank goodness time is universal - I would hate for there to be a different, metric version of time.)
Saturday I was going to pick up my bike from Värnhem which is near Rönnen, but I forgot about it, due to crazy dreams that we preoccupying my mind. I decided, instead, to go to Malmborg's for groceries, since I was down to rice, peanut butter, peanuts, and raspberry preserves. I had the most frustrating time at the store - it was one of those days when everyone seems to be in your way. Louise called me while I was at the store and asked if I could cut her hair, so I hurried back. I took a few inches off her hair, since it was scraggly at the ends and falls down her back pretty far. Then I trimmed her bangs. So, I'm up to three hair cuts now and I'll cut yours, too!
After that, I spent some time in my room, but then hung out in Shatarra's for an hour. I stopped by to tell her the plans for the night, but we ended up speaking for a while. She gave me some pasta and it was delicious. Kendra, Shatarra, and I went to this local "club", Debaser. It was free to get in before 10, so it was worth the money. Right after we go the there, we were interviewed and photographed by a reporter doing a story for the free newspaper in town. We doubt we'll be featured, but if our names appear at all, I'll grab a few copies, cause how cool would that be?! After lounging for two hours, the live band came on. Three songs into the set, we left and went to Sybilla for the second night in a row. And, for the second night in a row, a random guy fell asleep while we were there. We finally left around 2 am because there was a fight outside and the "polis" were trying to get things under control (and we were nosy, not to mention tired).

Today we were invited to go to tea at our teacher, Björn's, house. I got on the bus at Södervarn and called Shaniece to say that the bus would be at Värnhem in 5-10 minutes. She said that they were already there. Between the two stops, Marianna got on the bus. At Värnhem, Catrin, Suvi, and Alice got on the bus, but we didn't see the Jamaicans. As the bus left the station, we saw them standing at some stop that the bus wasn't going to. Catrin and Suvi let the bus driver know that the girls needed to get on and the girls ran to where they assumed the next bus stop would be, but the driver didn't care, so they didn't get to come to tea.
Other than that, it was an awfully pleasant day. Although the weather wasn't the greatest, it was soooo "mysig". Sorry about the Swedish, but that's the only way I know how to describe the day. We first went on a walk through a nature reserve near Björn's house with his family and pet dog, who was so adorable. After that excursion, we retired to the living room and had tea. There were traditional Swedish treats that are eaten only on Sundays (and fettisdag - Mardi Gras) during Lent, biscotti type treats that Catrin brought, and cinnamon rolls. It was so yummy and filling. The tea was especially great, since we had just been outside for a long time, and it didn't need any milk or sugar.
After tea we had "an activity" that the family had prepared for us. We had white coffee cups and paints, so we painted a cup each which will sit for 24 hours and then be baked in the oven at 150 Celcius for 30 minutes. (Think Amazing Glaze or Crazy Glaze at home.) Then we all worked together and made one for Björn that said Children's Literature Spring 2009 and all of our names (we included the students who weren't able to make it - Mark, Stephen, Marsha, Shaniece, Gerda, and Melina). Once we were done with that we had 45 minutes until the next bus came (it runs every 2 hours on Sundays). So, we went to the basement and played a game (it might have been called rounders) of table tennis where everyone is playing and you switch what side you're on each time you hit it. The goal is to be the last person standing, but I made it to the final 5 in the third, and last, round and that was good enough for me. Once we had built up all our energy from the sugary foods and playing sports, we got back on the bus for the 45 minute ride home and almost fell asleep. I got off early and retrieved my bike and it seemed to take forever to get home, but I'm back now and need to work on my illustrations, since my childrens' book is due at the end of the week.

I guess that could be summed up as a good weekend. Busy exam week ahead and the weather has already turned sour in anticipation of the storm tomorrow.

k, peace.


Derek said...

Do you do braids and weaves???

Vid said...

Actually it was published in one of those free news magasines :)