Monday, March 16, 2009

out with the bad

Kayla is sick and my mom said that she is taking her to Apex Urgent Care, since our doctor closed a bit early today. Hopefully she'll be feeling better soon.
When I talked with my mom earlier she said that she had fun on her retreat this weekend. I'm so glad she enjoyed it.

I really want to start solidifying summer plans - beach trips, cookouts, IKEA trips, visiting Seattle, etc. So people, shoot me a message on facebook and let me know what you want to do and we can figure out when. I come back in June, just before Kayla's high school graduation and party.
Also, the date of my return is Meg's birthday. I still think it's cool that I arrived on my birthday and come back on hers. Hopefully hers is better than mine was (not to discredit anyone - my family did a good job with my birthday dinner, I appreciated the gifts from Meg, and Lena did a great job with visiting me and dinner at Harry's Pub). I think it should be, as I'm coming back and we can stop depending on Skype which is unreliable, at best.

I'm beginning to think that I should have been born in a different decade. I think the 1950s would have suited me. Ugh, and I say this because I keep getting the feeling that I'm "old fashioned" compared to a lot of my friends, whatever that means. I mean, I'm sure that I'm more liberal in my ideas than, say, my parents, but really, sometimes I am just appalled by the idea of what my peers find acceptable. Especially when it comes to what kind of relationship they'll settle for (and I'm sure most people don't think they're settling, but I could never do it). In the past 16 months I have had a few different types of dating experiences and I finally feel like I finally have some semblance of an idea of what I need. I have this mental list and if someone doesn't reach the minimum qualifications for that, then we can be just friends. This isn't me trying to sound superior to other people or trying to say that other people aren't "good enough" it's just that I have friends who feel they can't "afford to be picky" but who cares, really. We're young, there's no point in throwing in the towel now. Unlike a lot of my friends, I want what my parents have.

I came across a video on my computer today that I made a while back. I had recorded myself playing a song I liked, so I could hear how it sounded. While watching this, I realized that my sister and I share several mannerisms, especially when it comes to singing.
And needless to say, it made me miss my guitar, a lot.

Mini-rant number two:
I am so tired of Americans who are apologetic for being American. Thank goodness we have a good group here (Kendra and Shatarra are great and I haven't met the other two teachers who are in the same program as Kendra). But even reading something that people have written at home (facebook notes, etc.) where they are apologizing for being a nation full of individuals who are constantly striving for more is pretty upsetting. Yes, maybe our nation has taken to overconsumption and materialism, but really... at least we have some aspirations. And you can't measure peoples' hopes and dreams with a GDP - so it turns out that statistics are going to measure only material goods. Sometimes when I talk to people from other nations, they mention things they know about America and while some are quick to say "Bush" or "rap music", there are a lot of people who want to visit, because it's a cool place. Ok, we're the land of the free, for goodness sake! This isn't just a line in a song, and I think that we, above everyone else, should value this. We are a melting pot with people from every place in the world who have come, at some point or another, searching for new opportunities. And I don't want to hear the BS excuse that some people came to America way back when because they had no choice- guess what, they had the choice to stay. And that's what people did - they came and they stayed and they wanted to give their kids better than what they had and they knew that in our country they could do that. So call it ambition or greed or whatever, but that's what makes our country different. See why I hate when people apologize for this? It's what makes us Americans and why should we be ashamed that we have this potential and are striving to reach it?

On a completely unrelated note, I have this plan for something when I get back home and I'm going to need peoples' help if it's going to work. Let me know if you're in.

In one month Kayla and Mere will be here! I'm super excited for that.

Well, it's awfully late, so I'm out for now. Sorry about the blabbering, as I said - it's late.



Daniela said...

you know i'm in whatever it is you have planned :)

kmg said...

Wow Krysta,
I am impressed with your thoughts about not apologizing for being American (USA). I agree, good argument with sound thought. I also am pleased you are not willing to settle for what comes easy (initially) -relationship wise. There are real and good men who are looking for a rare jewel like you. And you do have time to be selective. Why settle?

Shelley Renee said...

I've always thought that I should have been born in a different decade. I was thinking the 20s or something. And I too hate it when people are apologetic for being American, my Canadian friend always makes fun of us and I'm like "Well move back!"

Also, I'm in as well. :]