Monday, March 30, 2009

one more week...

Kayla and Meredith will be on a plane over the Atlantic at this time in one week exactly.
Yay! (I know, I keep going on about this, but this is BIG!)

Went to IKEA with Marine and Kendra today and got an extra sheet, pillows, and pillow cases, as well as some other essentials.

My phone didn't alert me to the fact that last night was daylight savings time and since I lack short-term memory, I forgot and woke up an hour late. Thankfully, there weren't that many people at IKEA, considering it was a weekend day. We did manage to count a bunch of pregnant women though. Good think Sweden is #3 in the world in maternal health.

Go Heels! We've made it to the Final Four and I was actually able to watch my first basketball game since we were in New York. During the games I usually keep up's box score, but this time I actually watched the whole game, which was exciting, even though it wasn't a very intense game.

Oh, and this afternoon, I watched Three Amigos with Marine and the Mexican boys. They were excited that Steve Martin was in it and seemed to enjoy the movie, overall.

I've just finished mending a shirt that I think I might want to wear tomorrow, so it's time for bed. More later.


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