Monday, March 30, 2009

maybe it's genius

This morning I awoke to the most frightening noise. I purchased a little alarm clock at IKEA yesterday that doesn't run on batteries. You just wind it up each day (or night) and it has an alarm. Now, I've had alarm clocks before - the electronic kind. This one has the two little bells on top and a mallet between that rings and rings like Satan. It was the scariest thing. I froze in my bed for five minutes.
Then I decided not to wind the alarm up at much anymore, because it was the loudest, most unpleasant noise to wake up to. A much briefer "alarming" will do.

Later, I was cutting up carrots for a snack at rehearsal and I cut my index fingers on my left hand pretty bad. It was about as bad as a cut can get without needing stitches... I'm just glad it was on the top of my finger, so that when it cut to the bone, it wasn't going through too much muscle. That was about the same time that I realized how incompetent I am when it comes to medical gauze and tape. Also realized that I didn't have bandages except for this giant one that I'm sure will go to good use eventually in my ever clumsy ways.
I would go on to describe the entirety of my "wound" story, but I don't want to worry my mom.

Having finally managed to subdue the bleeding with exceeding amounts of pressure and a heck of a lot of gauze, I went to rehearsal. I figured it was kind of pointless, but we did get some work done on my first scene. Then I went to Coop with Marsha because I needed bandages and she was headed there anyway. While in the grocery store, an old crazy man asked me if I was from Hollywood, California and then said I must be. When I told him I wasn't he told me that I have Mexican eyes, so I must live in California now, but I was from Mexico. Then he asked me if I had seen *something unintelligible* and I said no and finally got away.

After that I hung out with Marsha some at her apartment and we ended up getting dinner at this really quaint restaurant. It was nice and I had pork for the first time since last summer, because I ordered chicken, but that (apparently) wasn't clear enough. Still, it was cooked in a way I had never seen before and I thought it was just the bees knees.

I bought a grapefruit today and I'm looking forward to eating that for breakfast tomorrow (today I ate cookies Marine baked for b-fast), so I should start getting ready for bed, or at least stop writing here.



Shelley Renee said...

I'm sad about your finger and the creepy old man. But I'm happy about your new-found love for pork.

Hope you're still having an awesome time :]

krysta said...

Haha, wouldn't call it a love for pork. I still don't like ham as it is traditionally served at Easter or certain cold cuts, which was what I didn't like to begin with.