Monday, March 9, 2009

feels like freezing

The weather here is getting better- today it's in the upper 30s, but feels like freezing with the incredible amounts of wind.
So, I haven't ventured outside yet. Good news is, Thursday - Saturday are supposed to be in the very low 40s, but hey! it's the 40s!!

I'm kind of in love with "I'd Lie" by Taylor Swift.

Recently I have been struggling with not playing the "what I would be doing if I was home" game. This is especially true, since it's Spring Break for my school and I wanted to go to Arizona with the Wesley people, if things didn't work out with studying abroad. But they worked out, which I'm happy for, but still...

My mom's birthday is this week. I would have liked to cook dinner for her. And my dad won't be home for that either. We've found out that my dad will be in Seattle through the end of June, for sure. That's a lot of time. He'll have been there for almost a year. The only upside to it is that Kayla and I will get to visit him, I think.

I also really miss my guitar. I have gotten to the point where I know all the music shops in town and I'll go by them and just look at the instruments or I'll go inside and look at them. I feel awkward walking in and picking up a guitar though and they're never really tuned.

Ok, enough moping.
I don't want people to think that I'm not having a good time here, but I've managed to idealize home enough to really want to be there. However, I'm so looking forward to the weather when I get back!

And I still think Lost has the best music. And I've finally managed to watch all episodes of The Office that are online. Good times.


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Shelley Renee said...

I hope the weather gets better soon, it was beautiful day here in Charleston! And don't play the what you'd be doing if you were home game. YOU'RE IN SWEDEN! And I can't wait to get back to school and get my postcard!