Sunday, March 15, 2009

change of pace

This weekend was different.
For once, there wasn't some party to attend somewhere. Interact hosted a scary movie night, since it was Friday the 13th (again), but I didn't make it. One of my friends lost her grandfather this week, so Shatarra and I (in Southern tradition) made dinner for her, but she was extremely late, so by the time we were done eating, it was midnight. The dinner was really good! I only made wienerbröd (Danish pastries), but Shatarra made baked chicken with veggies (marinated in balsamic vinegar) and spinach pasta.
After dinner, we were standing in the hall, talking, and Louise joined us. I went to my room, rather than joining the "salsa party" they were having in the second floor common room. I don't mind the constant salsa music or Mexican music or Spanish music or general Latin American music, but it's getting super redundant. All of the events I've been to recently have required us to spin and spin and spin while we're dancing and I get motion sickness.

Saturday evening, I went to La Empanada with Kendra and Marsha. This restaurant boasted of having "Latinamerika" food. This was not really the case. First, Kendra's parents are from Nicaragua, so she knows Latin American food. When she asked if there were any dishes with beans and they say no, we were all slightly disturbed. Second, when I order a chicken enchilada, I expect it to be made with shredded chicken. Nope, it was cubes of chicken. The whole meal was lacking, in general. I don't know what Kendra ordered, but Marsha got chile con carne and I'm pretty sure we could recreate that recipe - all we would need would be a few chile beans and maybe a tablespoon of ground beef over a bunch of rice with some sauce. Their idea of Latin American food is actually quite disturbing, thank goodness it was cheap. Over dinner, Marsha and I discussed setting up a study group for our Children's Lit class, as the final is at the end of the month. Also, I agreed to play a minor role in a play she is producing for another class; I believe that I have mentioned the play before, as Shatarra and I were brought in to explain the culture and language in the play.

After that we went back to Sommarstaden and got Marine, Abihu, and Jose to join us for drinks at Golden, the cheap pub. However, once we got there and the Mexicans saw that "the game" was on (some soccer game), we left them near the television and us girls sat at a booth. Jose didn't feel well by the end of the game, so Abihu came and sat with us. We saw some interesting people there, including a guy with the world's tightest pants, a guy with pants that had the pattern from the game Twister on them (good times with that saying "left foot red! right hand yellow!"), and a very large man wearing make-up and womans' clothing. I had ordered a Carona, but I couldn't finish it - I couldn't even drink half of it. I just wasn't in the mood, I guess. (To be honest, I was craving a strawberry milkshake and large order of fries from BK.) I said that I wanted water, but didn't want to pay for it, so when Marsha went to order our two plates of nachos that we wanted, she got two glasses of water for free. When she sat down, Kendra said "free?" and gestured at the waters - to which Marsha replied (not having seen her point) "the waiter?" "No! The waters!" it was a pretty funny incident. Once I got home, my feet were soaking wet. It was only raining enough to be a nuisance, but the ground collects puddles and my boots aren't the best for rain, I guess. Next time I'll try to remember to wear my rainboots, even though no one else wears them here. On our walk home, we stopped in Video 12 and I bought a Daim ice cream cone. Mistake! It tasted soooooooooooo good. I like the Daim candies (chocolate with hard caramel in it) but the ice cream combines the goodness of ice cream with the deliciousness of Daim. I could go for one now, but I have chocolate chip yogurt in my fridge (yes, chocolate chips in my yogurt) and I think I'll settle for that.

Earlier this week, I bought new deodorant, because mine had fallen to the floor and was starting to break. It was just Dove original, but it smells different from the one I had before. I really like changing deodorants, because every once in a while you get a whiff of this new, fresh smell and it's quite pleasant. I'm sorry.

I was able to speak with Meg on Skype the other day (reminder to everyone - I can be contacted via Skype, just search my name) and that was just great. Slow blink!

There are Hannah Montana posters randomly throughout Malmö, since her movie just came out two days ago in Sweden. They are quite frightening. Oh, and we got pictures with one. Be sure to check those out once Kendra is able to upload her pictures - I'll be tagged in one.

I think that's about all. Well, I guess not - Spring break is over for Carolina peoples, finally. They are all talking about how it was too short, but I missed seeing them on Skype and other online forums this past week. Welcome back.

peace out.

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