Tuesday, March 10, 2009

as far as i'm concerned...

I, the hater of all things seafood and seafood related, have turned over a new leaf. Last week I ate FISH STICKS which doesn't sound like much, but they were actually made of real fish and have a lot more substance than what we call fish sticks at home.
Tonight was even better- I ate SUSHI!
Marine made sushi with tuna and crab and I at the ones with crab (I'm all for trying new things, but I will never touch tuna fish, that is just disgusting).
That probably doesn't sound like a big deal to anyone, but my family and close friends know that I really can't stand seafood at all. The closest I get to that at home is the occasional "popcorn shrimp" doused in Heinz ketchup, which counts for nothing.

And for the record, I'm not disliking my time in Sweden, I'm just wishing that I wasn't missing out on so much at home, which is to be expected. It really makes me look forward to my sister (who I apparently go on and on about) to visit next month and all the good times that are to be had this summer. Here's a picture of me standing/dancing(?) on my car, so you can see why I'm looking forward to the summer heat and driving with the top down:

My beautiful little convertible that my sister so badly wants to drive. Oh well.

Anyway, yesterday ended up being a relatively good day. I talked with my mom on skype for a decent amount of time and I got her recipe for chocolate chip cookies which are (pardon my outdated slang) tha bomb!
Now for the conversion to metric...

Let's see, I also received a card from my grandparents. They informed me that they are taking good car of One Ear (aka Swarley) the squirrel and that they have several other woodland creatures that they feed on a regular basis. I first met Swarley when I stayed with my grandparents for a few weeks after my senior year of high school. Cute squirrel and he'll go right up to Pap and eat the food set out for him. Gram accused Swarley of breaking into the house once, but I'm not sure how true that was. In any case, they also included a fridge magnet for me!
I collect magnets- especially bottle openers and free magnets you can get at stores or whatever. My dad sent me one from Quiznos near Olympia, Washington and now I have one from my grandparents. I can't really describe it- basically it's an attorney who specializes in boat owner rights, so I call him a pirate attorney, which sounds much more thrilling.

My mom's birthday is tomorrow, which is only a few minutes from now in Sweden, as it is almost midnight. But I don't have to go to bed early today, since all I have to do tomorrow is laundry and picking up my books from the post office.

This past weekend I cut Nerea and Cristina's hair. That was so much fun, as I've only had experience cutting my own hair and helping my mom with hers. I guess after years of watching my mom cut our family members' hair, I felt I was ready to give it a go. And it worked out great for everyone, I think. The girls said they liked it, I did what they asked, and they didn't have to leave their room or pay for an appointment. They did feed me dinner, but they are Spanish, so they probably would have given me dinner even if I had just been hanging out in their room. That was cool accomplishment, I reckon.

Today was absolutely the worst. My first class was alright and then I hung out with Gerda between lectures and that was cool- she's super nice. Then a majority of my class attended an "optional" lecture on "interculturalism"... let's say that the speaker didn't define what interculturalism is until the last 10 minutes of class. Basically, at the break a bunch of people left and my teacher had already peaced out. Suvi and I wrote notes about how silly the whole thing was and I learned a Finnish word "höpö höpö" which means "nonsense!" (which is what the lecturer was talking). She used examples that would appeal to a ten year old and tried to trick us (epic fail) which ended up with her saying "I actually made up that story about my friend- that wasn't true" to which Suvi replied "Tell me something I didn't know" and that was quite funny. Plus Kim said something about how it's hard to get into Swedish peoples' houses and it sounded a lot creepier than she intended, so we all got a good laugh out of that. The lady said that she hoped we would all join her again on Thursday, but that's going to be a struggle. Oh, and the worst part was that no one was correct. She had an ideal answer for each question she asked, so when we answered every time she looked to the sky as is to say "I'll consider it, but that's really not what I'm going for" mixed with "why can't these people answer a simple question?!"

So yes. Crazy day. Followed by a 2 hour death nap and sushi. And then random clips of Monty Python. I think I might go watch UHF now, cause I'm in that kind of mood. Alrighty then...


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