Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Today was one of those days that "should have been"...

I should have woken up earlier, finished my homework early, purchased a bike, and started my powerpoint for my author presentation (I'm presenting on Dr. Seuss).

Instead, I let myself sleep in (having stayed up late to write my memoir), didn't have internet most of the day (therefore, I was not able to access the web documents to even start my homework), tried to get a bike (but the man at the shop couldn't get it unlocked), and without internet I couldn't get the information of the fascinating children's author.

Tomorrow I can do all the things that I needed to do and today was not a lost day- I cleaned my entire room, which was a bigger task than it should have been. There's going to be a party in Sommarstaden this weekend and if people want to have dinner or something in my room beforehand, I would like it to look nice. Regardless, today was one of those days where I could have used a big hug. The kind that lasts about half a minute and makes stress disappear.

In substitution for a hug, I ate some of the M&Ms that Meg sent me and listened to music that I hadn't heard in a while. Now that I have internet again, I'm working on my homework and waiting for episodes of Lost and The Office to load. I haven't seen The Office since I've been in the USA and I miss it greatly.

The Appalachia Service Project spaghetti dinner and auction turned out to be a success, raising nearly $10,500 and exceeding our previous year's record of $9,000! Very impressive, especially considering the tough economic times. You have absolutely no idea how excited I am to go this year-- my girls will finally be 18 and I'm sure even the younger ones will seem mature compared to the newest additions to our ASP family. Usually, I get stressed about the teams, but I'm sure that it will work out for the best, no matter what. It helps so much to be older- I can do more of my own thing without worrying about the group dynamic. Yay!

I got a card from my parents. It was thoughtful and unexpected, since they never send me Valentines Day cards. Now I have the photobook that Lena gave me on my birthday and my parents' card to decorate my windowsill. But- there's still plenty of room!!! So if you'd like to send a card or something... you'll get a postcard back! (Meg, I've got yours and just have to mail it, I promise!)

My address, again, is:
Cronquists gata 10
214 28 Malmö, Sweden

Thanks for reading!!

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