Sunday, February 8, 2009

tying up the loose ends...

My cooking didn't turn out to be a total disaster like Bridget Jones's, but it wasn't rescued by Colin Firth either (I guess you can't win all the time). I made my barbeque chicken and I think I'll make it again sometime soon. The garlic mashed potatoes could have been better with more time to boil the potatoes, but I enjoyed them. My room, however, has a new permanent odor of sauteed garlic and onions- gross. The other food items tonight were really tasty and I particularly liked the Swedish pancakes, as until tonight I had yet to find any Swedish food that really interested me.

Not only did I cook a meal with no major flaws, I also cut my own hair. Nothing noticeable to most people, but it sure feels healthier to me (bye bye split ends). This was a very good thing though, since I was a little nervous about it. See, I never go to a salon, since I'm fine with saving some money and having my mom cut my hair- she's really good and I trust her to make it look nice. I have cut hair before, but not my own (except my bangs, which I trim about twice a month, so they don't get in my eyes). And now I will cut your hair, too!

I'm convinced that the Valentines displays in every store are to help guys out. With all of the publicity, how could a guy forget V-day? And even if he did, he can grab a pink teddy bear and box of chocolates on his way home from almost any shopping center. Too bad there aren't big reminders of peoples' birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates. I guess that's what BlackBerries and other PDA's are for...


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