Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the story of the snowman

Today it snowed.

A lot.

At 11 pm, Marine and I were walking home from the bus stop.

Epic snowball mini-battle.

We got back to Sommarstaden and got Nerea.

Nerea and I slipped on the sidewalk.

Then we made a game out of it.

It was time to build a snowman.

The three of us set off to build him.

Snow kept falling, covering the ground.

Growing quickly, the snowman was rolled around!

I found the arms for the snowman from nearby trees.

Look at those... snowballs!

Marine was quite toasty from all her work.

Here she is, standing next to the head that I accidentally ran over with the large middle section.

Nerea worked so hard to keep dirt from getting into the snow, but it was very difficult work.

Cristina joined us, once she was off the phone with her brother.

She immediately pelted us with snowballs.

We still managed to have a good time.

It took all four of us to put the middle section on the bottom.

It was so heavy!

One arm was weak and we had trouble keeping a glove on his hand.

Cristina and Nerea put the finishing touches on him.

Adding a hat, scarf, glasses, and a mouth, he was finally complete.

We named him Lars, since he is very Swedish.

I gave Lars a big kiss goodnight.

We will check on him tomorrow, to see if he survived the night.

Holding his glove, Cristina shared the love.

Lars looked very pleased.

Nerea also kissed Lars.

He was looking happier than ever.

Poor Marine, Lars was borrowing her glasses.

But she still managed to take a good picture with him.

Goodnight Lars!

Many thanks to Marine, our resident photographer, for the pictures, the glasses, and the gloves!

Très belle!


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Jordan Elizabeth said...

it looks like you are having a blast. it finally is getting warm here! it's been beautiful this week. :)