Wednesday, February 25, 2009

speedy delivery!

Today, I received a package from home! My mom must be a mind reader, because it has a few things in there that I would not have expected, but am so grateful for. First, it had a Hershey's chocolate bunny (early Easter candy, I reckon). It also contained Easter themed Hershey's kisses- Marine likes them. My two favorite aviator sunglasses were in there, as well. Two days ago I began thinking about replacing my toothbrush, but I don't have to anymore, since my parents sent me a new one as well as toothpaste. There were a set of earrings my mom purchased at the ASP auction and I like them a lot because they remind me of her. I also got 5 gum- crazy, since I was literally on my last piece today (I've been rationing my two packs from Christmas, which is hard, since I'm a gum addict). She has also sent me peanut butter, but we're waiting to see if that makes it through customs, so I can have a real PB&J with JIF peanut butter (since choosy moms choose JIF). All I need now is grape jelly- a concept that really seems to be freaking out a lot of Europeans. I mention it and their eyes go all wide and stuff.

I can't believe it is almost March. Crazy!!! I hope next semester goes by just as fast, so I can be 21 already (but I don't mind if the summer lasts forever).

I think everyone who is talking about global warming all the time needs to visit Sweden. It is expected to be 40° on Sunday- the first time the weather has gotten to the 40s this year!!! And to think, last week we had snow (which mysteriously disappeared). But after that, the temperature is expected to stay in the upper 30s for the rest of the month. You never know.

Time to finish watching a movie and go to bed!


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