Sunday, February 22, 2009

red snapper or what's in the box that hiro-san is bringing down the aisle right now

Last night was the Grease Movie themed party on my floor. We ended up leaving shortly after 4 am when security came and asked for the music to be turned down. It was a fun night, even though some crazy stuff happened (you'd have to ask me personally, haha). We made dinner before- maybe more on that later, but it turned out well. There are pictures of the party on facebook and I have posted a video there of Vid smashing dessert into Nerea's face. Good times.

Not too much has happened in the past week. I have a presentation that I have to give on Thursday, but I haven't had classes in a week- so weird how that works here. So, I've been working on my project, catching up on sleep, exploring the town on Bambi's Mom, and watching the snow fall from my room.

I've been talking with my mom on Skype a bit lately and I'm looking forward to this summer. We're going to take a trip to the new IKEA in Charlotte to get lingonberry preserves and maybe some other things. We are also planning on honing our culinary skills. I've started to enjoy cooking better; since I'm limited on what I can do here, I think I think I'll appreciate cooking at home even more.

Sometimes I feel like I'm in Galaxy Quest. (Not the whole being in outer space part, obviously.) There are these things that are lost between cultures. For instance, I might ask a simple question that is soley for the purpose of learning more, but people take it offensively. On the other hand, people will sometimes say things in English that they don't realize is offensive. And then there are just the really comical misunderstandings that you have to let slide.
I've also noticed that I use cliches a lot and that I don't care and I like them.

I think that one of my friends is becoming slightly obsessive/paranoid. I'll keep an eye out for progress with that.

If my life was a movie, the genre would probably be comedy.


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