Sunday, February 15, 2009


I still need to deep clean my room and finish up some homework, but first I'll take a break to talk about this weekend.

A bunch of the girls have been getting packages from home. Marine got a package that was so heavy, once she got it home she just set it down and took a break before opening it. Nerea's mom sent her and Cristina a few things, including a toy cat, since Cristina has been missing her cat. Everyone gets really excited when they get a package, so it's fun for us all.

As I mentioned in the post before this, we had sunny weather on Friday. Pretty much everyone went out and took pictures, especially at the beach.
Well, Saturday was bright and sunny, too.
Friday night, I made grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for the Jamaican girls and Louise. We hung out in the kitchen for a while after that, playing cards with anyone who wanted to join. When I returned to Sommarstaden some time between eleven and midnight, I went to the Mexican boys' room for Abihu's birthday shindig. It was crazy. A lot of people packed into a little room, but everyone had a really good time. I ended up leaving after a few hours, because I had booked the laundry room for six in the morning (not a good idea ever, but there was no other time and I desperately needed to do laundry).
The laundry room was booked for me from 6 until 9. After 9, I can no longer get in. At 6, I woke up, put my clothes in the washing machine and went back to sleep. At 7, I woke up, took the clothes out of the wash and put them in the dryer, and put another load in the wash. Then I must have set my alarm wrong. At 8:30, I woke up again, in a panic, because I had a load of clothes, including two jeans and a bath towel, that needed to be dried. Fortunately for me, the dryer was in top form yesterday and got the job done with only moments left.

I went back to sleep again until 1. I've been exhausted and very stressed lately, so it was a good sleep. By 2:30, I was on my way to Central Station with Marine, Alice (Australia), and Valérie (France).
We went to the Turning Torso and went inside the gallery, since they do not allow people entrance to the Turning Torso (it's residential). For those of you who don't know, it's Malmö's highest building. The only thing really impressive about it (other than the unique architectural design) is the way that it stands out, which is only because all other buildings are small.
After that we went to the beach again. It was too cold for me, so I went back to the buildings nearby, where there was less wind.
We tried to find a costume shop, since some of the girls wanted Viking horns for the Viking party, but we found it at 4:30 and found out it closed at 3.
Marine and I stopped at China Box and watched the employees freak out because a lady brought her dog inside the restaurant. Then we got on the most crowded bus ever. When we were on the bus, there was a couple nearby me who spoke English. The guy bumped into me and said "I'm sorry" but I just sat there, as the Swedes would, without saying anything, just because no one apologizes for anything here. I felt bad for not say "oh, that's fine" or something, but enjoyed listening to them speak. While most people here speak English, they only do that if you engage them in conversation first. It's always fun to get on the bus and hear other people speaking in a language you understand.

I had time for a quick nap and then started getting ready for Shatarra's Valentine's Day party. It turned out to be a few girls and a couple of guys stopped in for a moment, to get food, so not exactly what we expected. This was the information we were given beforehand:
"Come celebrate new friends and new experiences on V-Day in this lovey dovey free-for-all where you are free to celebrate with all of your new valentines at once. There will be music, games, rum fruit cocktail, fruit and sweets dipped in hot chocolate, cranberry vodka punch, and goodies galore for eye and the sweet tooth. Dress code is simply sexy (but you may want to layer it up if you're bold enough for strip poker)
Cost of admission: something sweet"

There was music, there were fruits and sweets dipped in chocolate, and plenty of "goodies" ... but there was no rum or vodka (fortunately) or games or strip poker. Shatarra and Shaniece had thought that the System Bolaget (ABC store, and the only place where you can buy alcohol higher than 3.5%) closed at 4, but it actually closes at 3 on Saturdays (and isn't open on Sundays). So there was beer in the chocolate, punch, and fruit salad, but not strong enough to tell.

After that party, we went to the Viking party at Celsius. Marsha and I were told that we looked like American Indians or English warrior types. At this party, people decided they would teach me about American history and geography. Apparently, North and South Carolina are the same state and South (and North?) Carolina's capital is Savannah. The Carolina state has the Appalachian mountains, which are close to the Rocky mountains. It is also not possible for the Carolina state to have just one professional American football team.
I found this information all very informative.

Marine and Louise left the party to catch the first bus home, since it wasn't the greatest party ever (super lame music and a ton of people we didn't recognize, once people actually showed up), but I wasn't ready to leave yet. So I hung out with Marsha and when we left, I slept on her floor in a sleeping bag. I left at 11 this morning and there was no one in the kitchen or game room or common area, which I have never seen before.

Today, I was contemplating going to have lunch in the Spanish girls' room, but decided against it. They are asking people to bring 50 SEK, which is about $6 to pay for the ingredients, but I don't think it would cost that much, if they are having lots of people join. Plus, I have frozen lasagna that I was planning on eating today.

So now I'm off to do what needs to be done. Tonight is the Appalachia Service Project spaghetti dinner/auction at church at home and I'm very sad that I'll miss it. I've donated an evening of babysitting and one home cooked Swedish meal, so I'm hoping that those go for a bit. Our mission trip depends greatly on this fundraiser, and last years' auction was so successful that it was our only fundraiser, to send 3 teams. This year, I've heard it estimated that we have enough people for 5 teams, so I'm praying that everything goes better than we could hope for. I am so very much looking forward to ASP this summer.


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