Wednesday, February 18, 2009

my new bike

Well, it's not really new. In fact, I'm convinced that it's a very old bike, but it's not a piece of trash.

I won't tell you how much I paid for it, but it was cheaper than WalMart prices (obviously, since it was used). If I can't find someone to sell it to before I leave, the man at the store (who is now my best friend, since I've spent about two hours just sitting in the shop in the past two days) will buy it back. I cleaned it up when I came home, so the market value has gone up, I'm sure, haha.

It's awfully pink, but that's fine by me, as it was the only one the cheap bike shop had that was my size.

And the man threw in a nice lock for free and the lights are really nice (by law, you have to have a red reflector/light in the back and a white light in the front).

I figured I should name it, so here's the officially unveiling of my beautiful bike's name....


Bambi's Mom!!!
(or B Ma as Marsha came up with)


Hannah said...

doesn't Bambi's mom get shot?

krysta said...

yes, at the very beginning. very inspirational part of the movie for hunters across the world.

Shelley Renee said...

That bike sure is real purdy.

Jordan Elizabeth said...

i miss you!
i will send you a postcard from florida when i'm on spring break. i love the bike. i hope it's serving it's transportation purposes. ;)