Thursday, February 5, 2009

the goose boy

In my Childrens' Literature class, we've been reading a lot and the second part of this week, we read The Wonderful Adventures of Nils. This is a story written about 100 years ago that tells the geography of Sweden through a series of adventures that Nils, a Swedish boy enchanted by an elf to becoming very small, who travels on the back of a goose. The story is extremely long, but I found it interesting because Nils is constantly doing something new. Since my class is supposed to be Childrens' Lit in a Global Perspective, we're reading tales from all over the world- except America. And there is a lack of representation of African stories. We have at least three stories from Sweden, which are all very good.

Today is Thursday and I don't have class again until Monday. I really like the scheduling here, but I am glad I attend an American university. Everywhere else students get their BA in three years (which I'm sure is nice), but I feel I am getting a better experience with two years of general liberal arts studies and two years of major concentration. I just wish I knew what I want to do with my degree.

Last night was the diploma ceremony for our Swedish lessons. We received certificates of participation (aka diplomas) for having taken three weeks of Swedish language (4-5 days a week, for 2.5-3 hours a day) and "passing the exam". While it was frustrating to go from Childrens' Lit class to Swedish class to dinner to doing homework for all three of my classes, I am glad that we took the lessons. It's been helpful enough- we can go to the store and not speak English at all or order food at some restaurants completely in Swedish. It was fun, since almost everyone was together again. Since lessons have ended, I only get to see a handful of exchange students in class or in Sommarstaden. I would have liked to stay longer and have more fun, but I had to leave at midnight, since I had class at 9 this morning.

The naps are back... I keep taking siestas in the afternoon, since everything ends so late here and my classes tend to be at 9 am. Also, on days that I don't have classes, it is so hard to wake up and actually get up, when it stays drearily dark most of the day. I've decided to combat that tomorrow- by booking the laundry room at noon, I have to be awake and showered by noon and then after 3, I'll be able to go to Mobilia or maybe into town. Chances are I'll end up staying in Sommarstaden most of the day, since I bought groceries yesterday and have no desire to spend money if I don't have to.

I'm still waiting on a package from one of the best people in the world and waiting to hear that my family received my letters, especially my sister's birthday card, since I sent it last week. It would be great if there was a set time that it takes, but Shatarra has been getting her mail somewhat faster than me. However, I am not complaining, since I'm so looking forward to receiving my mail. :)

Sorry, I don't know what else to write about, since I recently awoke from a three hour nap and I'm procrastinating cleaning. Blah...
well, I should go, so that I can clean before dinner.


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