Thursday, February 12, 2009

good job

Go Carolina! Great job beating Dook.
Go USA! Great job beating Mexico. (soccer)

Also, go me! For waking up early to go to the 9 am class, when I could have slept in and gone at 11.

Yesterday, Marine and I went to Nerea and Cristina's room for movie night. We watched Notting Hill in English with English subtitles, so the girls could practice their English. Then the Mexican boys showed up and were loud, so I was grateful for the subtitles. Nerea had burned her arm making soup, I hope it feels better today.
That was the first time I had seen Notting Hill, but was familiar with some of the lines.
"I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy..."

And I finally used the birthday present that Meg gave me. I had an iTunes gift card for $15 and I spent $11.99 of it on The Lonely Island's new album, Incredibad, which included several music videos. Great purchase. Andy Samberg is hilarious and his band is even more hilarious, even though their music wouldn't be appropriate for listeners of a young age or with sensitive ears.
This morning, I was riding the bus and listening to the songs and had to try so hard not to crack up, because then people would think I am a crazy, which isn't exactly true.

The students from my Children's Lit class joined with another class taught by one of our teachers, which was interesting. We had fun and were allowed to leave early, since they were working on another project. When we left, we just stood in the hall for a long time, talking. It was good times.

I don't have class again until Monday, but I have plenty of stuff to do to keep busy.
For now, I've decided to take a short break- I'll eat and wash dishes, while I listen to George MacDonald's Lilith, for funsies.

I think that's about all, but I would like to remind people to send me their addresses. I promise, I will write, even if I haven't sent you anything yet!


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Shelley Renee said...

Ceiling eyes was talking today about how she talks a lot in her recitation because she likes the subject. And I thought to myself, "When do you stop talking a lot? Seriously?!"