Sunday, January 18, 2009

parties and being american

Last night we went to a party at a different residence hall. It was far enough to take the bus to get there- we ended up not getting to the building until 11 and then not going to the correct building (apparently there are two buildings with the same name and we went to the wrong one) until almost 11:30. The party was fine - a lot of people, loud music, and "dancing". That is something that I will have to get used to... the European style of dancing. It looks like something I could draw with stick figures (maybe I'll show you when I get back). Sadly, I'm pretty sure that I'll be really good at this dancing with (less) practice. In fact, it's kind of primitive.
Anyhow, we were going to leave the party with time to catch the bus. We thought the last bus ran at 2:40 am, but it actually ran at 2:14. Sooo... we ended up walking back to Sommarstaden. Not the worst possible situation, because it saved us some money. The walk only took about an hour.
I slept until 11 this morning and then laid around, watching Scrubs (thanks Lena!) all day. Around 5, I went to BK and ate a very American meal of hamburger, fries, coke, and strawberry milkshake (must have been hungry). Afterward, I went shopping for some essentials, like an umbrella, which I purchased for just over $5(USA). I also found some cheap candles, which have helped my room look less like a mental ward, and more like an actual room. So, if I have candles, I (naturally)need a way to light them. So I went to the supermarket. Here's where my American brain kicked in...
The lighters/matches would, of course, be next to the register with the gum, etc. Nope. Ok, I found the camping supplies and there was tinder and other things that light on fire. Not there either. Maybe it would be in the section of things that you can't eat, like make up, other candles, and school supplies. No.
As I'm leaving, I see that there's a thing, all by itself, with lighters and matches.
So, I got my lighter, QTips, and a bag of chips fifteen minutes before the store closed. It took about ten minutes to walk back to my housing, since it was rainy (of course, it would rain on the one day that the temperatures were above freezing, so we wouldn't get snow). Then I ran into Nerea (Spain) who was headed to the supermarket in Mobilia. I told her that they were about to close, so we hurried there and made it right before they closed down. After I got back, I cleaned and decorated with my candles, and then went to have dinner in Nerea and Cristina's room. We had two French people, the three Mexicans, an Italian, the Spanish girls, and me. Dinner was great- Fabio (Italy) cooked spaghetti for us. He was so embarrassed about it, because he didn't have enough ingredients, but we all thought it tasted great. After, we played cards and took pictures.

I have my first real classes in the morning. So, in 9 hours I'll be sitting in my first Children's Literature class. We have that class on Monday and Tuesday this week. Thank you, Sweden, for having such wonderful schedules. I am truly going to enjoy having only two or three classes per week. It sooo makes up for not having a real Spring Break.


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