Tuesday, January 6, 2009

in the city

So a quick update, as we're on a "lunch break" between listening to speakers and going on a tour of the UN.

We landed on Friday and in the afternoon split up into groups and checked out the city. Saturday was also a free day. Our groups have done so much, from visiting the Met, to seeing shows, to shopping on Canal Street. (more to come later)
Sunday morning we went to service at the church we're staying at (St Paul and St Andrew UMC) and then made sandwiches which we later took to Madison Square park. We attended another service there and then gave the sandwiches to people who were in need.
Our group has been going to "lectures" at the Church Building of the United Nations. However, they're not the type of lectures that you would expect. They're very informative and engaging, especially since we only have 20 people. I'll talk more about those later. After the lectures we went to Harlem and visited Harlem United, a clinic primarily for homeless people with AIDS. That was a great experience.
This morning we've talked about "saving women/improving reproductive health" and listened to a lady speak about her many years in Afghanistan.

This trip has been amazing so far, even though we've had a few "set backs" (things such as having to pack up all of our stuff each morning and relocating it to another floor and sharing shower space with women in a homeless shelter).

Well, I've got to go now...
but I'll update more before I leave for Sweden -- hopefully --


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Steffi said...

hey krysta i'm so excited for you to come to Europe! It will somehow not be as lonely sometimes! Let me know if you need anything, It'd be great to see you again and see Sweden!

I love you're blog btw, great layout. and I have to laugh, but I wish that I was a Bond girl or an Ocean's 11 member! Maybe we could watch them together sometime! Hope you're doing alright. Have a great Birthday coming up, I will be sure to give my wishes on facebook!