Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I saw the sun.

I know that back home you are all enjoying some snow and chilly temperatures. While I've been here, we've had temperatures ranging from the negative degrees (Celsius) to 5 degrees (your 41 Fahrenheit). Today was (as Xtina said) "a balmy 41" and I even saw the sun for about 20 minutes around noon, when I got out of class. Because it was so warm, I saw one lady with her coat unzipped, a lot of people without gloves on, and a mullet. Ok, maybe the mullet had nothing to do with the weather, but it sure brightened my day. Also, when the bus I was riding on broke down two stops away from mine, I didn't mind walking back.

My class has been great, so far. In two days we've watched a movie (Spirited Away) and written a list of our top ten children's books/stories. So... I would like to hear from YOU! - please comment (or send in a message, if you're like Meg and scared to get a Google account) with ten children's stories that you think are the most important. If you do it, you might get a postcard...
I'm just saying.



Daniela said...

ten children's stories:
1)Little Red Riding Hood
2)The Three Little Pigs
3)Beauty and the Beast
5)Hansel and Gretel
6)Jack and the Beanstalk
7)The Three Bears
8)Puss in Boots
10)The Princess and the Pea

Mel said...

1. Green Eggs and Ham
2. The Three Bears
3. Polar Express
4. Cat in the Hat
5. The Poky Little Puppy
6. Carl's Christmas
7. Goodnight Moon
8. The Three Little Pigs
9. Oh, The Places You'll Go!
10. Junie B. Books