Sunday, February 1, 2009

the cadbury bunny gives me the creeps

Marine has acquired some Cadbury candy that is chocolate with poprocks in it.

This week has been crazy. I've had Swedish lessons and regular class, as well as some stuff for my other class. In addition, we had SingStar night (karaoke with Interact) and our Swedish final exam.

Last weekend we had a Casino Royale party at Celsius. That was fun dressing up like a Bond girl, or whatever. Yesterday was a going away party for some people in Ronnen, which was kind of fun.

While I've had my share of fun, I won't bother you with the details. Today we went to a park and Marine, Louise, and I climbed a tree. We went to Harry's pub afterward, since they have good buffalo wings. After that we headed to Golden. Then we got snack foods and hung out in Marine's room.

Tomorrow is going to be IKEA day, I think. Even though everyone has warned us not to go on the weekends, I am going out of necessity. I think Marine is going because of the chocolate.
Also, we might go ice skating, but I'm not sure just yet.
I want to see the Super Bowl, especially since the Steelers are playing, but I'm not sure where I can go yet.

I'll update more later, when it's not 1 in the morning.

BUTTTTT I would like to say: Wow! My little sister is turning 18 tomorrow! That is some crazy stuff.
Happy early birthday Kayla!! :)

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