Friday, December 19, 2008

t-minus 14 ...days...?

Hello world,
We're down to fourteen days until January 2nd, 2009 and life is putting along smoothly (albeit slowly). I have my tickets, visa and passport, have paid my rent, and have purchased luggage. As far as official checklists go, I'm right on course, yet my mind keeps reminding me that I can only take two suitcases and I still have work until January 1st, and I haven't found someone to sublet for me.
Other than that I'm not too worried. I have begun creating a mental checklist of wardrobe items that will be traveling with me across the pond and have already sent a few boxes home to the attic. I would like to see a few people before I leave; however it might be next to impossible.
I'm sure NYC is going to be a blast- what a great opportunity! I sound like such a lucky person when I get to say "Well, I'm leaving North Carolina on January 2nd for New York City, and I'll be headed to Europe on January 8th, from JFK."
My mom is a bit stressed about my trip too, but, as she told me earlier today, there's really nothing she can do about it. (Sorry!)
It really has only just begun to set in that in two weeks, I'll be gone for half a year. That's a lot, considering I drive to my parents' house a few times a month (sometimes week).
Well, sitting on my bedroom floor, typing, isn't going to get anything done, so I am going to clean and get to bed early.

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erin elizabeth said...

Hooray study abroad kids! Good luck on your adventures, Krysta :)...we must get together afterwards and swap awesome stories!